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Our company is based in Sofia, Bulgaria and is active in the trade of soft commodities such as cocoa, peanuts, hazels, sugar and coffee, with a view to expand its operations in other commodities classes in the future.
We are proud to demonstrate an extensive network of suppliers and producers who help us to provide to our customers soft commodities of top quality. Apart from quality, in the core of our strategy values, is to maintain partnerships which support sustainable development and fair trade. Therefore we choose our partners with care in order to make sure that our products will meet our quality and social standards.



Soft commodities including cocoa, peanuts, hazels, sugar and coffee. We are looking towards expanding our classes in the near future


Suppliers and Producers

Extensive network of chosen suppliers and producers who help us to provide to our customers soft commodities of top quality


Coffee is globally the second most traded soft commodity behind oil. It’s the most popular worldwide drink other than water and tea. Although there are more than 100 coffee species, the most popular and most widely produced and sold are: Coffea Arabica and Coffea Canephora (also known as Coffea Robusta).

Coffee’s popularity leaves no doubt about its economic and social impact. For AK Solution trading of coffee is not simply a business activity. For us, coffee trade has a huge social and economic value, and by acknowledging its fundamental role in the global F&B industry, we feel responsible to make sure that all standards of quality, fair trade and sustainability are followed.
Our long-term experience in the field of coffee trade and our cooperation with strategic affiliates in the Balkans, allows us to support our clients with maximum efficiency and reliability. We are proud to cooperate closely with a range of coffee experts and major trade companies in the coffee industry such as Balkam Group SA

We are able to offer to our clients a rich variety of ground coffee and coffee beans being in the position to cover even the most demanding of your needs. We would be happy to receive your inquiries and provide you with a detailed description and offer of the available coffee products based to your unique requirements.

Affiliated company Balkam Group:


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